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Strawberry Jam Tournament

Sunday Brackets for Tournament - Updated 7/14/12

Strawberry Jam Schedule – 2012

Strawberry Jam Sunday Play

Strawberry Jam Rules – 2012

Tournament Rules – 8 and Under

Strawberry Jam Girls Fastpitch Softball
July 14-15, 2012

Rolling Hills Middle School, Watsonville
ASA 10UB and C, 12UB and C and 14UB

Teams Registered (pdf) – Updated 7/8/2012

Registration Form (pdf) – Updated 4/23/2012



January 25 & 26 and January 31 & February 1 – Registration (Walk In)

(Mail registration – you will receive discount if mailed by January 20, 2011)

February 12 (Sat) – Tryouts (9:30 for ages 8-10, 12:00 for 11 & 12, 2:00 for 13 & 14)

February 15 – Draft: 10 & Under

February 16 – Draft: 12 & 14

March 12 – Clinic

March 26 (Sat) – Opening Ceremonies , 10am

April 2 (Sat) – Pictures

May 1 (Sat) – Evaluation for traveling softball with the Tremblers

June 6 (Monday) – Closing Ceremonies for League, opening for HS Division, 6:15pm

June 7 – Starting date, High School Division

To download detailed 2011 schedule, click here (pdf)



March 27 (Sat) – Open Ceremonies 10:00am
April 17 (Sat) – Team Pictures
May 1 (Sat) – Tournament Evaluation Day (Tremblers)
May 26 – High School Division Start
End of June (to be announced) – Closing Ceremonies 6:00pm

July 1-4 – Fireworks Booth Help

Schedule: High School Division – Click Here (pdf)

Schedules: T-Ball + 10 and Under – Click Here (pdf)

Schedules: 12 & Under + 14 & Under – Click Here (pdf)

Parent Welcome Letter 2010

Click here to download pdf

2010 Tremblers


Strawberry Jam Girls Fastpitch Softball
July 24-25, 2010

Rolling Hills Middle School, Watsonville
ASA 10UB and C and 12UB and C

Registration Form (pdf)

Registration Form (Word)

Hotel Recommendations

Tournament Schedule
June 12th – July 31, 2010

Click here to download schedule (pdf)

2010 Sponsors & Team Names




Butterflies – www.samueltorrez.com
Lady Bugs – JW Group – Joel Bush, CPA
Diamond Girlz – Watsonville Auto Body
Bumble Bees – On Point Designz
Lil Extreme -

10 & Under

Flames – Saints & Sinners
Jammin Girls – Lakeside Organic Gardens
Dragonflies – Tri County Trophy & Engraving
Lil Wildcats –
Flowerpower – RD Holly Company – rdhollyco.com

12 & Under

Twisterz – Sakai Farms
Hypnotize – Alison K Jackson DDS

14 & Under

Smack Dat! – L & M Auto Repair
Tripped Out– Mehl’s Colonial Chapel

14/15 & over HS

Future Time

Board Members & League Helpers
Leila Salas – League Coordinator – 786-8625
Gil Valenzuela – Assistant
Cindy Valenzuela – Assistant
Sylvia Martin – Phone Assisting
Tanya Cisneros – Assistant
James Ramirez – Assistant/Equipment
Scott Wilson – Assistant
Felipe Quintana – Assistant
Deanna Lebarre – Snack Bar
Mary Rumney – Snack Bar
Chris Briano – Umpires

Important Dates
March 27 (Sat) – Open Ceremonies 10:00am
April 17 (Sat) – Team Pictures
May 1 (Sat) – Tournament Evaluation Day (Tremblers)
May 26 – High School Division Start
End of June (to be announced) – Closing Ceremonies 6:00pm
July 1-4 – Fireworks Booth Help

2010 Sponsors & Team Names (pdf)

2009 Sponsors & Team Names (pdf)

2010 Fallball


Come put a team together

Three age groups
All Counties are welcome

Pajaro Valley Girls Softball/Tremblers
Fallball Program

Come be part of our established Fallball program.
PVGS conducts a 6-week Fallball Program. The Program runs only on the weekends.

Where: Rolling Hills MS & Watsonville High School, Watsonville, CA

When: We play Sundays only double headers, may play Saturdays if needed.

Start Date: The last weekend of September, running for six weekends. (Sept 26 thru Oct 30/31 – Tournament weekend)
Time: Varies (Depends on number of teams, mornings)

Format: First five weeks, free subs, bat bench, mix positions up. On the sixth weekend (Oct30/31) there is a normal ASA sanction tournament (3 games Saturday & single elimination on Sunday) 14 games total for season.
Age groups:
Middle School Division (age 14 if in MS & under), High School Division (HS age) Elementary school age, also. Need at least four teams to run the program in each age group.
TEAM Cost: Coaches put a whole team together for $700.00 per team, up to 18 players or register individual at $60.00 per player to be placed on a team.
Uniforms: Can be up to you, the players just need a number on their backs, or for an extra cost per player/team we can make t-shirts for your team.
Sign ups: come by Tri County Trophy & Engraving, 444 Airport Blvd, Ste 103, Watsonville…..we will take registration Tues thru Thurs 5:30pm-7:30pm until Sept 18 or click here for registration form (mail or drop off at Tri County Trophy).

If interested or more questions please email at pvsftbl@pacbell.net or call 831-786-8625.
We are also affiliated with Watsonville PAL, 130 Rodriquez, Watsonville.

To download pdf with this information, click here




1. Team Roster will be limited to 18 players. Beginning Roster can be adjusted up to two weeks before tournament weekend roster unless approved by the Fallball committee. Girls do not have to be on the team for the whole Fallball Season but to play in the tournament weekend the player must have played at least half the Fallball season. No Pitcher or Catcher to be added for the tournament weekend only. Final roster to be submitted to the Fallball committee by October 18, 2010, First game, Sunday September 26, 2010.
NO COLLEGE PLAYERS, all players must be in High School or younger.

2. All decisions regarding player eligibility will be handled by the Fallball committee.

3. All monies for the Fallball will be paid “up front”. The fee for 2010 is $700.00 per team (HS, MS) and $700.00 for ES Division, field cost included. Costs will cover home plate umpire fees, new balls, chalk for the fields, trophies or awards, insurance and rental of portable toilets. It will be up to each individual team to determine how they will meet the fees. Checks in the amount of $700.00 should be made payable to Pajaro Valley Fallball by the first Managers meeting, date to be determined, September ??, 2010. If these fees are NOT PAID in FULL your team will not be scheduled in the tournament at the end of the season.

4. Managers are responsible for keeping their players and fans under control at all times. One warning will be given to the fans that are out of control and the next offense will result in expulsion. If the person does not leave the field, the team will forfeit the game.

5. Fallball committee will prepare the fields for a fee or Fallball representatives must arrive one hour before game time to help prepare the fields. Fallball will provide equipment and materials to prepare the fields. After second or final game of the day, home teams are responsible for making sure that the bases are picked up and put away in the shed.

6. Teams are responsible for cleaning out their own dugout after each game. Team listed first on the schedule will take the third base dugout.

7. Consumption of alcohol or drugs on or around school grounds is strictly prohibited.

8. A.S.A. playing rules will be in effect including pitching. Game rule protest will be decided by the umpire on the field.

9. A team shall consist of 9 players. A team may not start with fewer than 8 players. If you start with 8 players the ninth batter is not an out. A team may borrow players from other teams in the Fallball program at the agreement of the Manager/Coaches.

10. Have your team at the field at least 20 minutes before game time. Game time is forfeit unless agreed upon by both Manager/Coaches for a grace period of 10 minutes.

11. Game time is at 9:30 am, 11:25 am and 1:00 pm – (HS Division), game time 9:30 am and 11:25 am (MS Division). First game and second game is a 1 hour 30 minute time limit or seven innings, which ever comes first unless the game was delayed from the grace period, then time limit is one hour 25 minutes or seven innings which ever is first. Time limit is game on first and second game. Third game or second game which ever is the last game is 1 hour 30 minutes, which we will complete an inning. Game will STOP at 1 hour 30 minutes on first game and second game, as noted above. 15 minute rest period in between games for ALL divisions.

12. International tie-breaker rule will be in effect on tournament weekend ONLY. At the end of the seventh inning or the last complete inning after time has been called, each team will start the next inning with the last batter from the current inning at second base.

13. Eight runs ahead after 5 innings will constitute a game. This league is intended to be more instructional and expected to keep the girls’ interest and esteem. This is NOT TOURNAMENT PLAY. If one team is significantly ahead, prior to the fourth inning, a pitching change is advised and encouraged. Mid-School has a 5 run rule per every inning the whole game.

14. Unlimited defensive substitution shall be permitted during the playing season but not on Tournament weekend.

15. Batting may be continuous, High School and Middle School. All girls on the team can bat, even those on the bench. THIS IS NOT APPLICABLE FOR TOURNAMENT WEEKEND.

16. Only reasonable time-outs may be exercised. The time allowed per conference will be at the umpire’s discretion.

17. Uniforms are not required to be the same. Each girl MUST wear a number on her jersey.

18. No field umpires until tournament weekend. Plate umpires only.

19. Tournament weekend at the end of the season shall be per A.S.A. rules for 2010. Tournament weekend will be Oct 30 & Oct 31, 2010. Details for the tournament will be provided at a later date. If rain, the tournament to be the following weekend Nov 6 & 7, 2010 if voted on.
An inning will be completed in the tournament weekend – (Sunday only) but no inning to start after 1 hour 25 minutes. On Saturday tournament weekend, it will be a drop dead time limit of 90 minutes, score to revert back if inning not completed

20. In the event of rain and the fields are not safe to play; Leila Salas or Head Umpire will notify you by 8:00am on Sunday morning by calling the answering machine at 831-786-8625.

21. Remember this is an instructional league. So everyone go out and have fun.


To download pdf with this information, click here